BURN is for HO slot car racers from Brighton and the local area getting together for some relaxed racing to fill in the gaps between club events.  BURN is a little different... as is the norm for Brighton.

BURN tracks are home-based rather than at clubs.  This means that race fees are non-existent, or perhaps limited to beer and snacks.

BURN has two host venues, The Shed in Bevendean and The Basement in central Brighton.

BURN racing follows a format where the host chooses and provides the cars for the first race of the night. That's a true test of driver ability.  A second race features a class agreed on in advance, with 'loaner' cars available.

The aim is to run chassis that are perfect for the smaller tracks and are rarely seen at 'big' club races.

Racing began in the autumn of 2013 and a regular programme is planned through the second half of 2016 into 2017, when we'll be helping Super Tires celebrate 20 years of producing high performance slot car racing tyres.

Let us know if you like the sound of BURN. Email UndergroundRacingNetwork@gmail.com.