BURN Tuning Shop

BURN Tuning Shop

It's easy to get in to BURN T-jet racing. First you'll need a car. An Autoworld Thunderjet 500 Ultra-G car is a good start, once you've removed the little traction magnet.

We'd recommend SlotsnStuff or Lucky Bob's as good vendors to contact, both based in the US. The AW cars come with some great bodies or you can do your own repaints. SlotsnStuff offer bare chassis (the more recent, the better) and a vast range of bodies to choose.

Of course, you might already have a T-jet. Perhaps an earlier AutoWorld, a Johnny Lightning or even an original Aurora T-jet from the 60s. All are good, as is the recent Dash-Jet.

Our classes and rules section explains what to do to get your car BURN-ready. Adding some weight to back of the front wheels is a must (brass washers are very cheap - try eBay). 

And on the back wheels, you might want to add T-jet 'Tuff Ones' Super Tires or Wizzard PVT04 slip-on silicone Tyres. Some folks also like the Jel Claws 'Tuff Ones' tyres which give a bit more 'slide'.

Ultimately, you want to learn how to take apart a T-jet and put it back together again. And then there's advanced T-jet fettling - Paul Shoemakers 'Tuning the Pancake' article on Slot Car Illustrated is a great start.

If you have any questions, want to borrow any tools or parts, just ask.

There are also plenty of cool tutorials and tips over on the WHO Racing website: www.whoracing.org.uk/tech.html