BURN Racing Format

Racing Format

BURN racing follows a format where the host chooses and provides the cars for the first race of the night. That's a true test of driver ability.  A second race features a class agreed on in advance, with 'loaner' cars available.

To fit in with US basement racer vibe, expect to see T-jets on the track. The old JL spec class at ECHORR in the US has inspired two simple and accessible BURN classes for T-jet and Magnatractions.

We will run a variety of other chassis too - Tomy Turbos, Life Like Ms and Tyco HP7s are some of our favourites.

BURN events are limited to no more than 12 people - homes in Brighton tend to be quite small.

Let us know if you like the sound of BURN. Email UndergroundRacingNetwork@gmail.com.